Vehicles taking over Dhaka streets amid shutdown


Staff Reporter:

The streets in Dhaka that were empty during general holidays declared to contain coronavirus transmission are starting to fill up again with vehicles as restrictions have been eased ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Nothing seems to be working as Bangladesh continues to detect hundreds of new patients every day as the number of confirmed cases edge closer to 11,000. The country has so far recorded 183 deaths.

The first cases were confirmed on March 8 while the first death was reported 10 days later. The government shut down educational institutions, mass transport and all non-essential services as it declared general holidays to contain coronavirus.

People started coming out on the streets after the government said it was easing  restrictions considering the Ramadan and Eid.

Traffic congestion occurred at Bijoy Sarani intersection as there is no traffic policeman.

People are not bothering to follow traffic rules at Bijoy Sarani intersection as there is no traffic policeman.

The number of vehicles has increased significantly on Banani Road as restriction on movement is loosened.

Vehicles are moving without following traffic signal on Banani Road.unb


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