Two Ctg OCs continue duties defying transfer orders


Staff Reporter:

Defying transfer orders, two officers-in-charge of Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP) were reportedly performing their duties in their respective police stations.

The police officers are: Abul Kalam, officer-in-charge of Bayezid Police Station, and Muhammad Alamgir, officer-in-charge of Akbar Shah Police Station.

Sources at the CMP said a gazette notification was issued on April 10, 2018, stating that the OCs of Akbar Shaha and Bayezid police stations have been transferred to the CMP Industrial Police.

Signed by Mokhlesur Rahman, BPM, additional Deputy Inspector General of Police Headquarters in Dhaka, the notification also mentioned that the transferred OCs will  have to collect  their release orders by April 20, or else they will be stand released.

Defying the transfer orders, the two OCs were found to have been  performing duties in their  respective police stations as of Wednesday, sources said.

“I have come to know about the matter when I was abroad and joined office on Wednesday. I will look into the matter within a day or two,” Chattogram Metropolitan Police Commissioner Iqbal Bahar told UNB.

When asked about the stand release orders, the CMP commissioner said the OCs have filed separate appeals with the police headquarters seeking withdrawal of the orders.

The stand release orders will remain ‘ineffective’ until responses come from the headquarters, the commissioner added.

However, when contacted, OC Alamgir said he will join his new office within two days or three.unb


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