Transport woes during coronavirus outbreak


Staff Reporter:

The shortage of public transports caused immense sufferings for the city dwellers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A large number of people were seen thronging bus terminals waiting for transports but many of them were not wearing face masks or following the rules of social distancing.

Commuters were seen trying to get on buses that arrived after long wait.

The health authorities on Monday said the country has so far recorded 141,801 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1,783 deaths since March.

The following photos were taken from the Mayor Hanif Flyover area of Gulistan on Monday.

People push each other as they try to board a bus ignoring the risk of coronavirus infection.

Commuters try to catch a bus ignoring the risk of coronavirus transmission.

A family with a child get on an autorickshaw after failing to get on a bus. They are not wearing masks or hand gloves.

A child and her mother wait for a bus.unb


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