Sylhet farmers all smiles as they await good Aman harvest


Staff Reporter:

With their croplands filled with high yields of seasonal paddy Aman, farmers of Biswanath upazila are passionately taking their last-moment preparations for harvesting the silver crops.

Although the farmers have already started harvesting a new variety of paddy, ‘Agam Aman’, on a small scale, they will have to wait for another week to go for a full-swing harvest.

This season, Aman paddy was grown in over 13,470 hectares of lands across eight unions of the upazila where 9,200 hectares with Upushi (a variety of Aman) and 4270 hectares with local varieties, according to the local office of Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE).

While visiting the areas, this UNB correspondent found the farmers enthusiastically taking all the necessary preparations for a bumper harvest.

Farmers and agriculture officers of the upazila are expecting record harvests of hybrid varieties of BINA-7, BR-11 and BRI-32, 39, 46, 51 and different other local varieties.

Ramjan Ali, upazila agriculture officer, said different varieties of Aman paddy have been cultivated as widely as targeted this year, putting smile on the faces of the farmers of the upazila.unb


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