Shirina Begum: To nurse and nurture, and sprinkle humanity


Staff Reporter:

A newborn found abandoned Saturday in the Pashchimpara area of Bandar Kushiara in Narayanganj may not be missing the caring presence of a mother figure at least, in its formative years.

Shirina Begum, a nurse working at the Upazila Health Complex where the baby was taken upon discovery, in a shining example of humanity, has offered to take the baby in.

Locals found the baby on the side of the T’Hossain Bari Road in the said area. They took it to the health complex to try and find out more about its parents but failed to make any headway.

As Shirina expressed her wish to adopt the baby as her own at one point,  the locals advised her to complete some formal procedures like informing the police.

Bandar Police Station Officer-in-Charge Rafikul Islam first took custody of the baby and later handed it over to Shirina Begum.
Shirina Begum, mother of two kids of her own, is the wife of Mosharrof Hossain in Gajaria. unb


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