Shakib and Jolie on the same location


No, Shakib and Jolie didn’t meet at the shooting spot, but the Bangladeshi superstar recently finished shooting on the location where a number of Angelina Jolie’s films were shot.

Movie director Ashiqur Rahman boasted on his Facebook wall that this was a progress for Bangladeshi cinema.

Recently Shakib Khan, Misha Saudagar and Tiger Robi returned from Australia, where they went to shoot some scenes for Ashiqur’s movie ‘Operation Agnipath’.

Posting pictures of the location, Ashiqur said, “Now Bangladeshi movies are shot on locations used for Hollywood movies and with Hollywood crews. The site where we’re shooting was used in Angelina Joile’s ‘Unbroken’, ‘Wolverine’ and many other famous films.”

The director already posted pictures promoting the lead actor’s look and cars in the film.

The story of the spy thriller ‘Operation Agnipath’ revolves around the sensational news on briefcase bombs in 1980s. The other locations used for the film featuring Shakib Khan and Shiba Ali are in Bangladesh and Nepal.


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