Reelect AL to bring back Tarique: PM


Staff Reporter”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday sought reelection so that the government can bring back Tarique Rahman for the execution of the court verdict pronounced against him in the August-21 grenade attack cases.

“Allah willing, if we can return to power through the next election, we’ll definitely be able to bring Tarique Rahman back by the time (by the next tenure) and implement the verdict,” she told Parliament while replying to a supplementary question from treasury bench MP Fazilatun Nasa Bappy during the question-answer session.

“This is why I seek blessings and votes from people so that we can try this injustice and execute the verdict returning to power,” said the Prime Minister.

Noting that BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman has been sentenced to life-term imprisonment, she said, “We’re negotiating with the British government to bring him back.”

“As they’ve been tried and the verdict has been announced…they must suffer this sentence one day,” said Sheikh Hasina adding that no matter where they are hiding.

She said there is no doubt that Tarique and his mother Khaleda Zia were involved in the August-21 grenade attack as his father Ziaur Rahman had been involved in the August-15 massacre.

“They carried out such a heinous attack in broad daylight. They used grenades in the streets, which are used in wars, and killed so many people, including Ivy Rahman,” Hasina told Parliament.

She went on saying, “We want blessings from people and their votes for ‘Boat’ (in the next general election) to serve the country for another term alongside ensuring peace and security to people by eliminating injustice, militancy, terrorism and drugs.”

Replying to another supplementary question from AL MP Sagupta Yesmin, the Prime Minister said she welcomed the newly formed political alliance led by Dr Kamal Hossain.

Pointing at the alliance, she said, “I welcome those who forged the political alliance as I think all have the rights to do politics.”

Now different parties have forged alliances and they will take part in the election, which will strengthen the foundation of democracy further, Hasina said.

She, however, noted that some people who are engaged in the alliance cannot speak showing respect to people and even they demonstrate anti-women sentiment.

Mentioning that patience and sacrifice are needed when anyone goes to work for people, Hasina said they do not have this patience and sacrificing attitude. “I expect they’ll maintain it if they truly want to move forward forging a political alliance.”

The Prime Minister said she does not back off from facing any political rival politically. “We face them politically.”

“If people seek justice against anyone who is involved in militancy, terrorism and drug, or utters indecent words, then it’s the duty of the state to try them. We’re putting them on trial and will continue to do so,” she said.

Responding to different starred questions, the Prime Minister focused on her government’s successes in different areas, including the GDP growth, the size of GDP and national budget, per capita income, revenue collection, electricity generation, poverty alleviation, crop production and manpower export.unb


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