Real ways to get over a break-up


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Whether it’s a decision you both made or the person you were in love with left you heartbroken, a break-up is extremely difficult and can take a toll on you. It’s important to deal with it the right way and learn how to move on without any bitterness or resentment. If you’re going through a similar phase, we give you a few tips to get over a break-up.

Vent it out: We tend to keep all the anger and frustration of the break-up within us. While it’s okay to go on holidays or parties or meet up with friends, you will only be able to let go of the anger and frustration once you vent out all those hidden emotions. “You need to remember that you’re not alone. Just about everyone experiences heartbreak and it inevitably ends up teaching us valuable lessons. Talk to your friends or family about it. Going through it alone is not the wisest idea,” says psychiatrist Anita Peters. Talk to a friend or write about it. You know best how you can deal with the heartbreak and make the healing process faster.

Learn how to be alone: If you have been in a relationship for long, it can be extremely difficult to unwind and start over. But you need to teach yourself how to live again and how to live on your own terms. Being single isn’t so bad, start focusing on the things that you always wanted to do, a relationship didn’t allow you. Join a class, meet up with old friends, focus on your work, learn baking, there are a myriad of things to explore.

Focus on your future: It’s okay to have a relapse and think about all the good times, or stalk them online or spend a few days fretting and going through the general phases that follow after a break-up, but after a point, just let go and start focusing on your future. Remind yourself that you can’t live in that hurt forever and that you must, for your own sake, move on.

Eat healthy and exercise: It is important that you don’t skip meals or resort to ‘comfort’ food. Eat healthy, nutritious food, as your body needs the right nutrients to function. Additionally, rather than sitting at home and binging on food and feeling sluggish and depressed as a result, go out and indulge in some physical activity. “Exercise increases your endorphins and thus it is important that you spend some time exclusively tending to your physical and mental health. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a long walk or job, hit the gym; there are so many ways in which you can virtually exercise your blues away and as a result feel better,” says fitness expert Neha Ghosh.

Get back to your social life: Isolating yourself after a break-up is not a good idea, neither is forgetting about it, because sooner or later it will resurface. Instead, restore the lost connections with your family and friends and ensure that you have a good time.

Dealing with grief the right way 1. Stop stalking him/her online. It may give you temporary comfort, but it may also make your situation worse. 2. Understand your role in the relationship and its bitter end, but don’t obsess over it to the point of anger and depression. 3. Let go of the bitterness. Try to focus on the good times you both had. Its not necessary to be best friends but you can reach a stage where you can be cordial with each other. 4. Do not text or call. Once you’ve made the decision to call it quits, stick by it. It’s never wise to undergo a relapse even in your weakest state no matter how tempting the thought may seem. 5. Learn from your relationship mistakes. Do not repeat the mistakes you made in your last relationship. More than anything give yourself the chance to fall in love again.


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