Ranveer Singh on playing the role of Khilji: All the kachara in my system I collected and com-busted to create this fire in my performance


Ranveer Singh is no doubt one of the versatile actors in Bollywood. In his interview, he mentioned that he will never going to play that kind of role again, he said “The past year has been a funky one. I played a character; I wouldn’t play in my life again. I was apprehensive about choosing this part, because I knew the level of darkness that’s involved in getting into this mind space. And once I commit, I go to any lengths to achieve what needs to be achieved in terms of characterization and emotions. Some characters are not as easy to shed. Alauddin took the biggest toll on me psychologically. It’s taking time to leave.”

On being prepare for doing such a dark role, the actor said “Not at all, I started after Befikre, and I was in a happy place- full of gratitude. I had to transport myself internally to all those parts of m y life that bring out feelings of angst in me. Maybe in my life when my tank of angst was brimming is when it would’ve been ideal to do this part. The last leg of the shoot was especially intense. It was 45 days straight after which I had to snap out of it and touch base with myself. Currently, I am spending time with my friends and family –mom, nana and nani. I am coming back. But, it was cathartic. My demons have been confronted and addressed. All the kachara in my system I collected and combusted to create this fire in my performance.”


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