Quail farming – a thriving business in Comilla


Staff Reporter:

Thanks to low investment requirement and quick returns, commercial quail farming has become a thriving business in Comilla.

Many unemployed youth in the district are now making good profits by farming quails and selling the quail eggs and meat.

Many who have returned from abroad on completion of their overseas jobs are also getting them engaged in the business of quail farming that require relatively less investment and small space.

As the quail birds lay eggs every day, it is easy for the entrepreneurs to collect the same and market on a daily basis.

It is also high in demand, compared to the other poultry eggs in the market, thanks to its high nutritional value.

Concerned livestock department officials have also shown eagerness from their part to provide technical assistance to the quail farmers.

The quail farming is a growing phenomenon in almost all the upazilas in Comilla, helping the unemployed youth in becoming self-reliant.

Its high demand is attracting traders to purchase directly from the poultry farmers, helping them to reach break-even and earn profit as well.

Chandan Kumar Podder, livestock resources officer at Comilla Sadar upazila, said that quail eggs are more nutritious than other eggs, especially for children. This is why it is in high demand.unb


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