People’s confidence in judiciary on the wane, claims SCBA


Desk Reporter:

Supreme Court Bar Association President Advocate Zainul Abedin on Sunday alleged that people’s confidence in the judiciary is decreasing as judges cannot run the judicial activities ‘neutrally due to government’s pressure’ on them.

“Justice-seekers are now frustrated,” he said while greeting newly appointed Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain on behalf of the SCBA at the chamber of the Chief Justice at the Appellate Division.

He said the lower courts are struggling following government’s ‘interference’ and a backlog of cases. “Again there’s lack of skilled and neutral judges. I think saving the judiciary from this situation will be your (CJ’s) one of the main challenges,” he said.

Zainul also alleged that a section of law enforcers is filing false cases against political party leaders and activists and innocent people being loyal to the ruling party. “Your challenge will be to establish the rule of law, human rights and judiciary’s independence, heal the wounds created in the judiciary and restore people’s confidence in the judiciary.”

Describing the Supreme Court as the proctor of the Constitution and the last resort to protect citizens’ basis rights, he expressed the hope that the High Court will consider granting interim bail to political leaders and activists.unb


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