‘People were burning, shouting and falling down. It was horrific’


Desk Reporter:

Bangladeshi citizen Shahreen Ahmed, 29, is one of the passengers of US-Bangla aircraft who survived the crash and is undergoing treatment for burn injuries at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital, reports The Himalayan Times.

“I was travelling with my friend. When the aircraft was about to land it started turning left. People started shouting. We looked back and saw that the aircraft was on fire. My friend told me to run ahead of him. But while we were running fire engulfed him. He fell down. People were burning, shouting and were falling down. Three people jumped from the burning craft. It was horrific. Fortunately, someone pulled me to safety,” a teary-eyed Shahreen told THT.

A teacher by profession, Shahreen had planned to visit Kathmandu and Pokhara.

“She has a Lisfranc injury on her right foot. We have put it in a cast. She will undergo surgery after the swelling subsides. She also suffered 18 per cent burns on her back,” said Dr Nazir Khan, orthoresident at the hospital.

Another Bangladeshi citizen, Mehdi Hasan, was travelling by air for the first time. His wife, cousin and her daughter were accompanying him. “My seat was at the back. When I saw fire I looked for my family. We tried to break open the window, but in vain. We were looking for someone to rescue us. My wife and I were rescued but my cousin and her daughter are missing,” he told THT.

Shahreen and Mehdi Hasan are among the 12 injured survivors undergoing treatment at Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital. Four others who were brought to the hospital have been referred to Grande International Hospital, Neuro Hospital and Nepal Mediciti Hospital. Representatives from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh visited the hospital.unb


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