People put labels when you run away from them: Radhika Apte


Actor Radhika Apte’s choice of films is often tagged as intelligent and bold but she does not believe in branding herself.

“I am not in favour of labels. The more you run away from one kind of label, the more people will try to put another label on you. There is no ambition of becoming anybody. When I do a certain kind of a role, it can be path breaking for somebody else but for me it’s conventional. The whole point of being an actor is that we need to do different roles,” says Apte.

The actor, who has been part of films such as I Am (2010), Badlapur (2015) and Manjhi: The Mountain Man (2015), asserts that her career graph reflects her personal journey.

“My career is my personal journey. I came here because I wanted to act and my work gives me joy. That is the whole point of why I do films,” she says.

Asked if her choices of roles are a conscious effort behind building the image of a content-driven actor, Apte says, “It’s very instinctive. There is no planning behind it. The more challenging the roles are, the more attractive they are for me. The kind of roles I have done so far are quite real, you see such people around you.”

The actor was recently seen in filmmaker Leena Yadav’s film, where she plays the role of a woman who is trying to conceive and is also battling domestic abuse.“My role in the film is not giving any kind of a message. This is not an issue based film and we don’t want to portray this as one,” she says.


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