Over 100 feared ‘infected’ by Rabies in Bagerhat


Staff Reporter:

Residents of two villages in Bagerhat are passing days in fear of being infected by Rabies virus.

At least 25 individuals including women and children of the two villages, Mirzapur and Karapara, were feared infected as a dog reportedly infected by Rabies bit them in the last two days (Wednesday and Thursday).

Later, the dog was beaten to death by the villagers on Thursday while 12 of the injured were taken to the Sadar Hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, around hundred villagers, who took the milk of a cow bitten by the infected dog, went to the Sadar Hospital for treatment fearing they were infected.

However, doctors of the hospital assured them that there is nothing to worry about as they gave them the Rabies vaccine.

Villagers, who came to the hospital for treatment, said that they have been having milk from the cow for the last 2-3 months.

According to locals, Billal Hossain of Chakuli village has been providing cow milk to the villagers since long. Suddenly, a few days ago, one of his cows fell sick.

After examining the cow, a veterinary doctor declared it has been infected by Rabies virus as it might have been bitten by an infected dog.

Dr Md Mashiur Rahman who is working at the emergency department of the hospital said a total of 86 people, most of them women and children, were given the Rabies vaccine.

Bagerhat Civil Surgeon Dr Arun Chandra Mandal warned that there are chances of getting infected by the disease if one doesn’t take the vaccine.unb


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