Now, MPO-listed teachers on hunger strike


Desk Report:

Around 2,000 teachers and employees of MPO-listed educational institutions went on a fast unto death in front of the Jatiya Press Club on Monday demanding that their institutions be nationalised.

They began the hunger strike as their demand for nationalising all educational institutions having Monthly Pay Order (MPO) facilities went unheeded even after a five-day sit-in since Wednesday.

The teachers and employees went on the hunger strike under the banner of “Beshorkari Sikkha Jatiyakoron Liyajo Forum”, a platform of six organisations of teachers and employees all over the country, from 10am.

The organisations are Bangladesh Besarkari Shikkhak Karmachari Forum, Bangladesh Sikkhak Parishad (Nazrul), Bangladesh Teachers’ Union, Jatiya Sikkhak Parishad, Bangladesh Sikkhak Parishad (Shah Al Jasim) and Besarkari Sikkha Prothisthan Karmachari Parishad.

Matiur Rahman, joint convener of the Liyajo Forum, claimed that around 50 lakh teachers and employees of 37,000 MPO-listed educational institutions are being deprived of proper pay and allowances although they work as much as their counterparts at the government institutions.

He also said more teachers and employees are on the way to join the strike, threatening to continue the hunger strike until their demand is met.


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