No vehicle movement on Election Day except some public buses: Minister


Staff Reporter:

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Sunday said a limited number of public buses will be allowed to ply the streets of the capital city on February 1, the DSCC and DNCC Election Day.

Movement of other vehicles, including motorcycle, taxicab, truck and easy-bike, would remain suspended on the city thoroughfares.

He made the remark in the afternoon while talking to reporters at the Secretariat after attending a meeting on law and order.

The minister said “movement of motorcycle, taxicab, truck and easy-bike will be banned on city roads on the election day. But a limited number of buses would ply.”

Besides, no one will be allowed to carry, transport and expose his or her licensed firearms from January 30 to February 3.

Mentioning that law enforcers are ready to ensure a free and fair election, he said necessary measures will be taken as per recommendation from the Election Commission.

Social media is being monitored to curb cybercrime, he added.

In addition to police, members of BGB, Ansar and Rab will be deployed at polling centres and adjacent areas.

Responding to a query about alleged harassment of some councilor candidates by police, the minister said police are not arresting anyone without warrant.unb


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