No Bangladeshi killed by Indian border force this year: BSF DG


Staff Reporter:

Director General (DG) of Indian Border Security Force (BSF) KK Sharma on Thursday said no Bangladeshi national was killed this year along Indo-Bangla border till to date as his force started maintaining non-lethal strategy.

Though the non-lethal strategy has proved extremely successful in reducing deaths in the border but it has also resulted in an alarming increase in incidents of attacks by the criminals on BSF personnel, he said replying to a question at a press briefing at BGB Headquarters here on Thursday afternoon.

The press conference was organized at the end of the director general level formal border talks between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Indian BSF.

BGB DG Major General Md Shafeenul Islam led 15 member Bangladesh delegation, while his counterpart DG, BSF K K Sharma led 10 member Indian delegation in the conference that began on April 24.

Both the DGs responded to questions by different media. Earlier a Joint Record of Discussion was also signed after formal ending of the talks.

The BSF DG said that his force is very careful about any violation of human rights in the frontiers.

DG BGB Maj Gen Md Shafeenul Islam said as both the border forces have been maintaining non-lethal policy strictly, the number of killing in bordering areas significantly came down. He said that sometimes members of both the border forces also have to face attacks by miscreants due to use of non-lethal weapon policy.unb


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