‘Nikhoj Shobder Khoje’ brings back 5,500 forgotten Bangla words


Staff Reporter:

During its month-long campaign titled ‘Nikhoj Shobder Khoje’, Coca-Cola Bangladesh has been able to collect 5,500 Bangla words that had been once widely used but are currently forgotten.

It organised the campaign in February to revive the once widely used Bangla words that are currently forgotten, marking the Martyrs’ Day and International Mother Language Day, said a press release on Sunday.

Words such as Keuketa, Samichin, Samprikto, Balkhillo which once ornamented Bangla language are not used any more. To revive such words, Coca-Cola Bangladesh launched the month-long language day campaign at the beginning of February.

The campaign launched a website which received around one lakh online traffic. In the website, there was a quiz contest called ‘Shobdo Shikar’, where the participants submitted the once used Bangla words which though were currently forgotten.

A total of 36,000 people participated in the quiz and 336 of them were able to submit words that were considered valid forgotten Bangla words by the Bangla linguistic experts and were awarded for their contributions. Each winner of this quiz received a case Coca-Cola as gift.

A total of 12,000 people received certificates for their submission of forgotten Bangla words. As many of the words submitted were repeated by other participants, so Coca-Cola was able to collect 5,500 words.

The campaign got remarkable attention and engagement, mostly from the youth.

Famous personalities like writer Anisul Hoque, film director Amitabh Reza, singer Bappa Majumder also submitted words in the website.unb


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