More of a pond than a school playground


Desk Report:

Students of Singpur Government Primary School in Mirpur upazila of Kushtia are deprived of sports and recreation facilities as the only playground of the school remains waterlogged for the better part of the school year.

During monsoon, the playground of the school turns into a waterbody as every corner of the ground is full to the brim. Anyone who visits the school for the first time in the rainy season can easily mistake it for a pond.

The field goes under water even in light rain, forcing the school children to refrain from playing and other recreation facilities.

The teachers and students also have to make it to the school building by crossing the stagnant water.

The students of the school as well as young people in the area who use it when school is out are getting frustrated at not being able to access the field.

In fact, all the school grounds in the union have the same picture.

Local people have claimed that every year, a minimum amount of money has been allocated for the development of the school playground but to no avail.

In the fiscal year 2019-20, Tk 43,000 was allocated for the development of the playground of the school but the reality is what people have seen for the last several years.

They also demanded immediate steps to develop the school playground for the interest of the young people. The more sports are practiced, the more they will stay away from distractions like drugs, they said.

Sufiya Khatun, Headmaster of Singpur Government Primary School, said “Tk 43,000 has been allocated for the filling of soil at the school ground in 2019-20 fiscal years, but it did not work though few sand-laden trolleys have been seen for covering the field.”

Masud Rana, Primary Education officer of Mirpur upazila, said “I have heard the matter and the headmaster of the school has been asked to inform me in a written statement.”

Abdul Khalek, Chairman of School Managing Committee, said “In every rainy season, the playground of the school went under water. Already, the authorities concerned have taken steps to cover the field which was not enough. However, it needs to be filled well.”

Mahabubur Rahman Mamun, Dhuboil Union Chairman, said steps will be taken to remove water from the school field.

Linkon Biswas, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, said “I have no idea about it but necessary steps will be taken to remove water from the school playground.”unb


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