Khaleda and those unleashed arson attacks, murders to be punished: Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has reiterated that those who unleashed arson attacks and burnt people to death in the name of movement in the country and their order giver BNP chief Khaleda Zia will surely be punished. 

“These days they’re (BNP) lamenting that they didn’t have any [political] space. Who’ll provide them the space as she (Khaleda) kept herself confined to her office for 92 days and burnt people to death. She (Khaleda) was lucky enough that she had not been arrested at that time. She was needed to put behind bars which would have helped save some lives,” she said.


The Prime Minister was addressing a reception accorded to her at Hotel Grand Hyatt here on Wednesday night.


Sheikh Hasina also said her government will continue the trial of such misdeeds –arson attacks and burning people to death-as per the law of the land.


Hasina said cases were filed against those BNP-Jamaat hooligans who had engaged in arson attacks, killing and burning people to deaths to foil the January-5 election and again in 2015 in the name of movements.


“Why cases wouldn’t be filed against those who were directly involved in such crimes, their order givers and their financiers? We can’t receive them with garlands!” she quipped.


Responding to the BNP’s allegation that they are facing too many cases, the Prime Minister said that cases were filed as they had committed such crimes. “The criminals of such crimes would surely be punished…Khaleda Zia will also get the punishment as their order givers.


About political space, the Prime Minister said her government has allowed so many private satellite channels that led to the spur of too many talk-shows where BNP men are always very vocal threatening to oust her government. “Then how could they say they have no rights to speak up?”


Hasina called upon the expatriate Bangladeshis in USA to project the country’s real status, its overall socio-economic development as Bangladesh Ambassadors so that no one could carry out any pernicious campaign.


The Prime Minister alleged that BNP-Jamaat’s character will never change as they had always resorted to corruption and money laundering.


She said the BNP-Jamaat high-ups accumulated huge wealth through corruption and money laundering with which they are conducting propaganda against her government and lobbying in various regions.


The Prime Minister also took a swipe at Ziaur Rahman, Ershad and Khakeda Zia for rehabilitating the killers of Bangabandhu in many ways during their regimes betraying the blood of millions of martyrs.


She bemoaned it is unfortunate that one convicted criminal is now in the USA, another in Canada, and two in Pakistan. “We’re continuing our efforts and hopefully we’ll be able to execute those convicted killers after bringing them back home.”


Listing various steps and achievements of her government over the last seven years in different socioeconomic sectors, the Prime Minister said now around 78 percent of people is getting electricity, and that the day is not far away when electricity will reach the doorsteps of common people.


The Prime Minister also renewed her vow to turn Bangladesh into a hunger- and poverty-free mid-income country by 2021 and a prosperous developed country by 2041. “Bangladesh is moving ahead and Insha Allah Bangladesh would continue to move.”


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