Justice Khairul for overhauling traffic law


Staff Reporter:

Law Commission Chairman Justice ABM Khairul Haque on Monday underscored the need for amending the traffic law to avoid frequent road accidents and resolve the existing mismanagement in the transport sector.

“As per the existing law, a driver has to serve four months in jail and pay Tk 500 in fine for driving without licence. But in practice, only a three-day jail is handed down or a Tk 400 in fine. If this is the case, no one will feel the necessity of taking driving licence,” he said.

Khairul Haque, also a former Chief Justice, was talking to reporters after holding a meeting with Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain at his Supreme Court office.

“I think the traffic law should be changed. If the country’s people think it’s necessary to bring changes to the law, it’ll be amended. If they don’t think, it won’t be changed. People will continue to die……let them die,” he said.

At the meeting, they discussed the traffic law, commercial court, commercial disputes and arbitration, Khairul Haque said.

Mentioning that commercial disputes will continue to rise with an increase in the investment in the country, he said they have already started field work to amend the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority Act for making arbitration courts more effective.


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