Immoral teachers behind question paper leak: Nahid


Desk Report:

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid on Sunday said that some immoral teachers are main perpetrators behind the question paper leak.

“There were many suggestions to stop question paper leak. Many suggested for printing question paper in every exam halls half an hour before starting examination. But when we realised that the teachers are behind the question paper leak, so there is no benefit,” said the minister in a joint meeting with the officials of Anti-Corruption Commission at the secretariat.

”We are supposed to feel secured when we hand over questions to the teachers. But, some teachers leak questions just after receiving it. A decision has been taken for entry of examinees half an hour before exam starts. The envelope of question paper will be opened after the student’s entry,” Nahid said.

The minister said that the main problem of our present education system is that teachers do not teach well in the classrooms to run their coaching business.

“The government has already finalised education act. We will be able to stop coaching business after implementing the act,” said Nahid.

He also said that the education ministry will work together with the ACC to solve problems in the education sector.

Besides, Dr. Nasir Uddin, member of ACC, said that government staff had direct and indirect involvement behind the every incident of the question paper leakage.

“Government has to introduce online based system in every general sector of education system to stop question paper leak,” said the official.unb


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