Huawei to help realise ‘Digital Bangladesh’: CTO Jerry Wang


Tech Desk:

Impressed with the talent of the Bangladeshi workforce, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd Jerry Wang said on Monday that they want to participate in helping both the public and private sectors of Bangladesh in realising its dream of building ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

In an exclusive interview with UNB, Jerry said that they grew together with the local market and the local people.

“We will continue to do so and will keep upholding our tradition of putting our customer in the center, no matter how successful we are,” he added, “We value our partners and will work together for the success of the ICT sector.”

Impressed with the talent and skills of his Bangladeshi coworkers, the Huawei CTO said that they regularly send them to China for advanced training.

As far as the Bangladeshi market is concerned, Jerry went in details about Huawei’s three-pronged approach.

“In the carrier business, Huawei’s mission is to help carriers gradually complete digital transformation, build ubiquitous networks that provide the best user experience, jointly build a digital ecosystem, and achieve business success and sustainable growth. We strive to become the best business partner for carrier customers.”

Secondly, he said that for their enterprise business, they provide innovative ICT hardware and software infrastructure products to build open and secure platforms, establish new ecosystems featuring collaboration and help customers address challenges from digital transformation and achieve success in business.

Third and lastly, Huawei focuses on consumer experience, continuously achieves technological innovations, and develops quality products to become a top smart device brand preferred and trusted by consumers.

Talking about Huawei’s rise from a small company to a globally-leading ICT company, Jerry attributed it to China’s open market opportunities and the ever-evolving global telecom industry.

Innovation and collaborating with Western companies for knowledge sharing were also key reasons behind their rapid success.

For smartphones, he affirmed Huawei’s priority in this area.

“We aim to remain consumer-centric and become a top smart device brand preferred and trusted by consumers. We focus on network devices and smart devices and deeply integrate them with application services (cloud). We will also reinforce our position in mobile broadband (MBB), and adopt a sound strategy to develop mid-range and high-end smartphones.”

Innovation is something they take very seriously. “We adopt a marathon-style approach to research and development (R&D) investment. We carry out open innovation and cooperate extensively with universities, research institutes, and enterprises worldwide.”

Forecasting the importance of 5G, Jerry said that before the widespread adoption of 5G, a lot of innovative technologies will emerge, many of which can be deployed on existing 4G networks.

“This is what we call “4.5G”. 4.5G will be a bridge between 4G and 5G that helps carriers to grow their business, supports new services, new devices, and new experiences, and paves the way for 5G. Industries which will be benefited from 5G are virtual reality, 3D movies, Cloud storage, Robotics, self-driving car, and many more. The ultra-low latency of 5G will connect every person and device into an integrated chain.”unb


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