Gun attack at Christchurch mosque leaves players distraught , 27 killed


Desk Report:

Bangladesh cricket team survived a close shave following a gun attack inside a mosque in Christchurch today.


Members of the Bangladesh cricket team were going to the mosque to complete their Jumma prayers at Christchurch’s Masjid Al Noor. Just when they were about to enter the mosque, a lady warned them that a gun attack was going on inside the mosque. The distraught Bangladesh players got inside a bus and laid down on the floor after the warning.

20-30 people are reportedly injured while atleast five people are believed to be dead. The Bangladesh players made their way back to the cricket ground as they could manage and are understandably left very scared by the incident. The players have been told to remain in the stadium premises in the aftermath of the attacks. It is believed that there were several attacks in seperate places.


The Bangladesh players have been escorted back to the team hotel.

27 people are believed to be dead so far.

Attacks have been reported in three mosques so far and a car bomb was found in close vicinity of another.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that a 37-point manifesto from the attacker or attackers in question was found.

“They were on the bus, which was just pulling up to the mosque when the shooting begun,” Mario Villavarayen, strength and conditioning coach of the Bangladesh cricket team, told Reuters in a message.


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