Govt step sought to stop harassing female participants of quota movement


Desk Report:

Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), an NGO, on Monday asked the government to take necessary steps to stop harassment of the women in the virtual world for participating in the quota reform movement.

Issuing a press release MJF said that, “We came to know from the media reports that women participating in the quota reform movement are being harassed in social media as well as getting inappropriate massages from a particular students’ organisation.”

Terming it ‘unfortunate and regrettable’ they said centering the quota reform movement, harassing the women and female students through social media interaction were totally unacceptable.

MJF also asked the government to use section 57 of Information Communication Technology Act (ICT Act) properly to stop the digital sexual harassments and urged the law enforcers for being more gender sensitive and responsible in this regard.unb


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