Faridpur quilt makers get busy as winter nears


Desk Report:

Quilt makers in the district are now passing busy time as its demand rises with the advent of winter.

People living in the Char areas of Padma and Madhumati rivers and surrounding villagers have already started to feel the bite of chilly weather and thronging to the shops of quilt makers.

Besides, there is a tradition in the rural areas to give pillows, beddings and quilts to daughter’s in-laws’ house in the winter.

Quilt makers are now working restlessly with the increasing demand of quilt whereas some are processing cotton for repairing old quilts as per order.

Some quilt makers of the district town including Malek Miah, Hafiz Matubbor and Rahman Sheikh told the UNB correspondent that they perform various chores throughout the six months of a year but as the winter season sets in they become eventually more and more occupied in quilt making.

They work in different bedding stores of the town for 600-700 taka per day while some take 200-300 taka for making each quilt and bedding, they said.

Jakir Hossain, one of the beddings store owner in town’s Janata Bank Mor area, said though winter has not opened its grasp fully yet there is an increasing demand of quilts and beddings already which is even higher than yesteryear.

Mentioning the surge in sales in the few months of winter season, he also said about quality readymade products he is selling to customers to their satisfaction.

Kabir Molla, who came from Alipur for making quilts in Faridpur town, said he is making a quilt beforehand despite the absence of winter in weather.

Jannatul Ferdous, a housewife from Chalkbazar area, said she is ordering for quilts and beddings for her newly married daughter.

Seasonal quilt makers are a common sight in both town and rural areas of the district now who sell quilts and beddings on a van which they buy from the lenders and sell for commission too.

Visiting different markets the correspondent found that Carpus cotton is being sold at 120-140 per kg, Boma cotton Tk 100-110 per kg, sheet cotton Tk 80-90 per kg while garments cotton Tk 25 per kg.unb


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