Export of Walton fridge’s parts begins


Desk Report:

The local electronics brand, Walton, for the first time stated exporting its locally made various parts of fridges to Indonesia of Southeast Asia.

Earlier on Thursday, a container ship loaded with Walton made fridge parts left the Chittagong port for Indonesia in response to an order of an Indonesian fridge manufacturing company.

The exported parts are include: compressors, refrigerators doors, refrigerator door hinges, drawers, door plastic shelf, refrigerator cabinet body, power cables and plugs, poly bags, carton packages box for refrigerator with poly foam etc.

Walton’s International Marketing Head Md Roquibul Islam said, Walton has been exporting world-class fridges to more than 20 countries of Asia, Middle-East and African regions.

Now, the new mission of Walton and Bangladesh is to put a strong foot on the international market with the label ‘Made in Bangladesh’, he said adding that “Implementation of this mission has been started by sending parts of fridges to Indonesia.”

Walton has been able to ensure international standard of its produced fridges and thus they are bringing huge foreign currencies through export, he said adding, “I think that export of fridge’s parts would further increase the positive image of Bangladesh in the global hi-tech appliances markets.”unb


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