Every child should have a birthday


Desk Report:

The symbolic birthdays of 45 underprivileged children were celebrated at Child-Friendly Learning and Resource Center (CFLRC) at Bakchar area in Khulna Road on Monday.

World Vision, an NGO, organised the programme for children who “already lost their childhood to poverty and hardship of life,” or toiling as child labourers.

For most of the children, it was like a dream to celebrate their birthdays with cake or candles and getting gifts on the occasion.

Selim who use to be a child labor but recently started his studies in CFLRC said “That my birthday will be celebrated one day, I had never thought of it. I’m very happy.”

The participation of many children who worked as child labourers like Maruf Billah, Tabassum, Hridoy, Akhi, Apan Das, Meghla, Kajal, Surja, Dia, some of age 3 to 5 years, some orphans, or some whose parents are labourers, gave the programme a vibrant atmosphere.

Two of the guardians, Nasima Begum and Johra Begum, said they were very pleased by the event and conveyed their gratitude to the organizers.

CFLRC small students Rowshan Rara and Ibrahim said without Fridays and Saturdays they regularly attend classes there from 8 am to 3 pm.

Along with that they also learn cultural activities like singing, dancing and poem reading.
The center provides schooling to twenty-five children aged between 3 to 5, and twenty children above 6 years of age who are engaged in child labour.

Additional Deputy Commissioner Debaprakash Pal, also the chief guest at the program, said “With proper care these children can be assets to the nation in future.”

Afroza Khanom Sumi, area coordinator of World Vision, presided over
the programme where CFLRC president Nazrul Islam was the special guest.unb


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