Don’t respond to provocations, Fakhrul to BNP activists


Staff Reporter:

In the wake of some pre-election violence, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday urged their party leaders and activists to carry out electioneering peacefully instead of responding to any provocative acts by their opponents.

“Awami miscreants will try to create trouble through provocations. They’re indulging in terrorism, but we don’t do it. We’re peacefully going to people and urging them to go to polling stations on December 30 to cast vote for the Sheaf of Paddy,” he said.

Speaking at an election rally at Kazibosti in Sadar Upazial, Fakhrul also asked BNP leaders and activists to make people understand that they are the owners of the country and they will elect their government through their votes.

He said their party has joined the election to ‘restore’ democracy, not to go to power. “This election will determine whether people can live in peace in the country or not.”

Fakhrul said their party wants to bring back peace in the country and change the fate of people of all walks of life.

If BNP forms the next government, Fakhrul said they will create jobs, provide allowances to unemployed youths and ensure free education for girls up to the tertiary level.

He also called upon people to cast their votes for the Sheaf of Paddy to free Khaleda Zia from jail and ‘restore’ their all the basic rights.

Fakhrul also warned that democracy will be totally obliterated if Awami League returns to power.

He called upon the police and the administration not to harass people at the behest of the ruling party. “Hope, you’ll play a neutral role and allow people to exercise their right to franchise in a peaceful manner. Or else, people won’t forgive you.”unb


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