Doctors hopeful about Khadiza’s condition


Numan Bin Arman : Doctors at Square Hospitals are hopeful about Khadiza’s chance to survive.

They said she is slightly better than before and she might survive.

The doctors made the statement on Saturday noon at a press briefing.

72 hours during which Khadiza, who is still unconscious, had been kept under close observation ended at 5pm Friday.

Khadiza’s brother Shahin said, “According to doctors, my sister’s condition has neither improved nor deteriorated. However, they told me that she was seen moving her right leg.”

Khadiza’s uncle Md Abdul Based said, “Neurosurgeon Dr AM Rezaus Sattar, who operated on her, has asked for more time to determine her condition.”

Square Hospitals Deputy Medical Director Dr Mirza Nizamuddin said, “Her condition is extremely critical. There is very little chance of her recovery. But, we are doing our best.”

“The condition she is in now, she has a 5 to 10% possibility of surviving,” Neurosurgery Assistant Consultant Dr AM Rejaul Sattar at Square Hospitals on Tuesday evening.

Khadiza was put on life support after her operation on Tuesday.

Khadija(23) was stopped on her way to home from college by Badrul Alam, 30, assistant secretary of SUST unit of BCL on Monday.

Later, Badrul hacked Khadija indiscriminately, leaving her critically injured.

Locals rescued Khadija and caught Badrul from the spot and handed him over to police after giving him a good beating.

Both of them were admitted to Sylhet Osmani Medical College Hospital, later Khadija was referred to Dhaka around 12.10am on Tuesday.

The Shahjalal University of Science and Technology has also suspended the BCL leader.

The academic council of the university took the decision at an emergency meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

SUST Proctor Rashed Talukdar confirmed Badrul’s suspension.

The university also formed a three-member committee to investigate the incident.

Badrul used to live in Khadija’s residence as a lodging tutor. The victim’s family sources said he proposed her several times but got rejected.

Abdul Kuddus, a paternal uncle of Khadija, filed a case against Badrul Alam in connection with the incident with Shah Paran Police Station on Tuesday, said OC Shahjalal Munshi.

In the case, Kuddus said, “As he started to harass my niece, we told him to leave our house. Although he left the house, he kept stalking Khadiza on her way to college.”

Khadiza’s family then contacted Badrul’s parents and informed them of the matter.

But instead of stopping him, his parents “tried to encourage” Badrul to continue with his activities, said the case statement.

The statement also said Khadiza came under attack when she was returning home after one of her second-year examinations at the MC College.

Badrul ambushed her when she was going past a pond on her way home. Khadiza’s classmates tried to save her but they had to run away on being threatened by Badrul, added the statement.

Students of Sylhet Government Women’s College staged a demonstration blocking Sylhet-Tamabil highway on Tuesday morning, demanding Badrul’s arrest.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Tuesday has that party affiliation will not come in the way of bringing her assailants to justice.

“Whosoever has done the crime, no matter from which party, strata or ideology he may belong, I can assure you, he will get the punishment for his act,” he said at the Secretariat.


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