Coronavirus: Bangladesh reports highest 4,019 cases in 24 hrs, 38 more die


Staff Reporter:

Bangladesh on Thursday saw the highest-ever spike in coronavirus cases in a single day as 4,019 more people were diagnosed with the virus in a span of 24 hours.

The death toll from the disease now stands at 1,926 as 38 more people died during the people.

With the fresh ones, the total number of confirmed cases in the country surged to 1,53,227 since the detection of the first cases on March 8.

On June 17, the health authorities confirmed the detection of 4,008 new patients while 4,014 patients in a single day on June 29.

The daily infection rate for Thursday was recorded at 21.89 percent.

Additional Director General of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) Prof Dr Nasima Sultana came up with the disclosure at its daily health bulletin.

In the last 24 hours, 70 laboratories across the country tested 18,362 samples, she said adding, “So far, 8,02,697 tests have been conducted.”

Against the number of total tests, Dr Nasima noted, the infection rate is 19.10 percent in the country.

Besides, she said, 4,334 more patients made recovery raising the total number to 66,442.

Against the total number of detected cases, the recovery rate in the country is 43.35 percent while the mortality rate 1.26 percent.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, Dr Nasima noted, the government has kept increasing the number of tests.

Among the new deceased, 32 were male and six were female, she said.

“Their age-based analysis says, one was aged between 21 and 30, two were aged between 31 and 40, two between 41 and 50, 16 between 51 and 60, eight between 61 and 70, seven between 71 and 80 and two more between 81 and 90,” she said.

Dr Nasima presented the overall mortality rate divided into age groups since March 11.

According to DGHS data, 0.62 percent of the total deceased were aged below 10, 1.14 percent were aged between 11 and 20, 3.47 percent between 21 and 30, 7.58 percent between 31 and 40, 14.80 percent between 41 and 50, 29.08 percent between 51 and 60, and highest 43.31 percent were aged above 60.

In the last 24 hours, 11 patients died in Dhaka division, 12 in Chattogram division, five in Khulna division, five in Rajshahi division, one in Rangpur division, two in Sylhet division and two more died in Barishal division.

“Thirty-three people died at hospitals across the country while five others at their homes,” Dr Nasima added.

New 518 COVID-19 patients were admitted to different hospitals in the last 24 hours and 736 recovered patients were released during the period.

Dr Nasima reiterated that the government will charge fees for collecting COVID-19 samples for testing. She, however, noted that cash memos will be provided to sample givers. “The collected money will go to the public coffer.”

She urged every organisation to comply with the quarantine guideline while dealing with employees. “If someone is affected by COVID-19, then it’s a must to stay in quarantine for 14 days, and if the symptoms are gone that person must remain in quarantine for another 14 days…There is no need for follow-up tests,” she added.

Another 960 people were taken to isolation in the last 24 hours while 675 were released and 15,757 are currently in isolation.

During the period, another 2,894 people were home and institutionally quarantined and 3,168 were released. At present, 63,608 people are quarantined across the country.unb


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