Chronicles of Cruelty: Refusing to love in Bhola


Staff Reporter:

A college student visiting family on vacation was forced to endure a night of sheer barbarism,  in a village called Kolakopa in Daulatkhan, Bhola as Wednesday gave way to Thursday.

The reason once more seems to be her simple refusal of a young man’s hand in love.

According to the victim, an Honours 3rd year student of Bhola Govt College, their neighbour Jinnah, 30, had long been proposing her to enter into a relationship with him, that she repeatedly turned down.

Unable to sate his ego from the repeated refusals, Jinnah along with his three friends, including Tuhin and Pavel, trapped her in her maternal grandfather’s residence around 3am (Thursday) when she got up for a glass of water. They made her senseless forcibly feeding her sedatives.

Later, they tied her hands and legs and lacerated her body with blades and knives, leaving the girl severely injured.

It is also suspected that they planned to abduct her, and with that intention, brought her out of the house at one point and into the garden. It was here that they left her and escaped though, as someone shone a torchlight in their direction.

In the morning, family members took her to Bhola Sadar Hospital for treatment.

On information, police arrested Tuhin on Thursday evening, said Enayetuddin, officer-in-charge of Daulatkhan Police Station. “Legal action will be taken against those responsible after investigation,” he said.

Both Tuhin and Jinnah are said to be distant relatives of the victim, which is why a dispute over land is also said to have maybe played a part.

Meanwhile, teachers and students of Bhola Govt College demanded immediate arrest of all the culprits and their exemplary punishment.unb


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