Bangladesh outranks all Asia in positivity


Reportersbd Desk:

Bangladesh has been ranked the most positive country in Asia in 2017, in an annual global index published by Daily Positive (D+), an online media organisation from Australia that specializes, as the name may suggest, in positive news.

Bangladesh’s positivity in 2017 has attracted praise from various quarters, so this is really just a sort of confirmation.  In a long list of positives, none has had a greater impact than how beginning from the fag end of August,  Bangladesh dealt with the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis with open arms and saved the world from a huge catastrophe, said a press release.

Huge credit goes to the current Bangladeshi government and Bangladeshis from across the country who raced to save Rohingya refugees fleeing the brutal ethnic cleansing operation of Burmese military.

Bangladesh became exemplary for the regional powers and many developed nations with its humane response to deal with well over half-a-million refugees that arrived in the country in a matter of weeks.

Apart from that, Bangladesh inaugurated its first solar-powered Food Warehouse with a capacity of 25,000 tonnes of grain, and launched its first ever nano-satellite Brac Onnesha.

Bangladeshi surgeons successfully separated two 9-month-old sisters born pygopagus in a complex operation.

Besides, Australia crowned the World’s Most Positive Country for 2017.  unb


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