Bangladesh Awami League launches new webpage on Sajeeb Wazed


Rbd Desk :

Bangladesh Awami League has launched a new webpage featuring the entire profile of Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

The website features details from his birth, his education and his work and accomplishments so far.

Under the title “Sajeeb Wazed : Architect of Future Bangladesh and Visionary Youth Leader”, the website illustrates how Sajeeb Wazed devised the dream of Digital Bangladesh and is now helping in setting the country on the road to emerge as a technologically advanced one.

The website also includes details on how Sajeeb Wazed, as the Chairman of a policy think-tank and research organization called “Centre for Research and Information”, (CRI), has helped design a number of programmes for connecting youth with policymakers such as Let’s Talk and Policy Cafe.

The webpage describes how Sajeeb Wajed, the ICT Adviser to the Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, has introduced policies that created a paradigm shift for Bangladesh in the field of ICT from what it had been even less than a decade ago.

The website also further adds how Joy has been thoroughly involved with the youth, and how his writings and way of communicating with the mass people directly reflect his humility and intellect.

Visit his website to know more


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