Anisul, wife see their wealth double in 5yrs


Staff Reporter:

The combined wealth of environment, forest and climate change Minister Anisul Islam Mahmud and his wife has more than doubled since the last election, driven mainly by bank deposits.

Their net wealth stands at Tk 43.13 crore in 2018, up from Tk 18.54 crore five years ago, according to the affidavits submitted by Anisul to the Election Commission (EC) before the 10th and the upcoming 11th parliamentary elections.

A fourth or Tk 10.75 crore of their total wealth is deposited in banks and other financial institutions, which is a 1,254 percent rise from 2013, according to the affidavits.

During this five-year period, while Anisul saw his total wealth double, his wife Parvin Mahmud’s wealth more than tripled. In 2013, her total wealth was valued at Tk 4.6 crore, which now stands at Tk 14.72 crore, the affidavits show.

The annual income of Anisul, who identified himself as a textile and readymade garment maker and an exporter, and his wife has also seen a sharp rise since the last election held in January 2014.

They recorded Tk 5.17 crore in annual income in 2018, up 698 percent from Tk 74.16 lakh in 2013.

Major sources of income for Anisul and his dependents were interest earnings from securities, deposits and savings instruments, the affidavits show.

Five years ago, Anisul and his wife had no investment in savings certificates. Now the couple has Tk 75.89 lakh investment in savings instruments.

In the affidavit, Anisul identified his wife as a job holder and director of a company.

In 2013, Parvin Mahmud got Tk 12 lakh in honorarium as director. The income shot up to Tk 37.16 lakh in 2018, according to the affidavits.

She has also become the owner of an apartment worth Tk 39 lakh in the last five years.


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