AMPAC delegation meets with Detroit police department commander slappey

Kamruzzaman (Helal) USA:
AMPAC delegation meets with Detroit Police Department’s 11th Precinct Commander at the 5100 E Nevada Street’s police facility. Along with DR. ALAM, joined by AMPAC Executive Board Members Minhaj Russell Chowdhury, Aziz Chiudhury and Ibrahim Al-Jahim. The event was also joined by community at-large. DR. ALAM, addressed at the meeting and pledges for community empowerment by active engagement and community involvement. ALAM introduced AMPAC’s Delegation members to the community forum and also recognized Police Officer Darryal Robinson as a Veteran of U.S. Army. ALAM discussed about the community issues and hopes for inclusion in near future events. AMPAC presented a Community Award Certificate to Commander Sallepy and appreciated the Detroit Police Department for the dedication and hardworking.


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