Ali Riaz made Distinguished Prof at Illinois State University


Desk Report:

Professor of Politics and Government Ali Riaz and Professor of Geology David Malone have been named Distinguished Professors by the Office of the Provost at Illinois State University, USA.

They will be honored at Illinois State University’s annual Founders Day Convocation on February 15, according to the university.

Prof Riaz began his career at Illinois State in 2002, becoming a full professor in 2008.

He served as chair of the Department of Politics and Government from 2007-2017, and was named University Professor in 2012.

Riaz has received numerous awards from the College of Arts and Sciences including outstanding teacher, scholar, researcher and the Excellence in Teaching award from Pi Sigma Alpha.

The prolific scholar has published 17 books in English, 12 in Bengali, and numerous articles and book chapters.

Riaz’s commitment to teaching and students is evidenced by his enthusiasm for the classroom.

He continued teaching undergraduate courses and graduate courses throughout his 10 years as department chair.

These interactions bring renewed enthusiasm and new perspectives to his work.

He has mentored numerous students and served on many thesis and dissertation committees.

Riaz is an internationally recognised expert on political Islam, violent extremism, South Asian politics, and Bangladeshi politics with a specific interest in the interaction of politics and religion.

David Malone earned his bachelor’s degree from Illinois State in 1988 and returned in 1994 to begin his career as an assistant professor in the Department of Geography-Geology.

He was promoted to associate professor in 2000 and at that time, he was appointed as department chair.

In 2006 and 2014, he was promoted to Professor and University Professor, respectively. He retired as chair in 2013, and returned to full-time teaching and research.unb


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