‘Adversity and crisis in every direction’: DSCC Mayor Taposh on assuming office


Staff reporter:

Newly elected mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation Barrister Fazle Noor Taposh plans to increase the productivity of the municipality’s staff by balancing a clampdown on corruption with improved facilities that can help to motivate them as part of their remuneration.

Stern action will be taken against any corruption, any kind of negligence and inactions in the line of duty, said Mayor Taposh, who took office recently, during an exclusive Zoom interview with UNB.

“I have had to start many things anew again since I took office,” the mayor said. “It can be said that I have started from zero. This is an ongoing process. Without administrative reform, no sound management or orderly structure can be created.”

The early sackings of two senior officials who were said to be corrupt, almost his first acts in office, certainly signaled the mayor’s intent in this regard. And he talks like he is in for the long haul to ensure clean governance.

“I have been engaged in administrative activities since day one. You will notice that I have taken strict action on this matter from the first day.  Stern actions will be continued. No corruption as well as negligence in duty, waste of resources would be tolerated. This is an ongoing process, I will take action on whatever comes to my notice,” he said.

Following the strict early action, discipline has been instilled to some extent, according to Taposh. “Those who are good and honest officers-employees, they have regained their enthusiasm for work,” said the mayor. “So I think a new purpose has come back to work for Dhaka South City Corporation. It will remain in force.”


He said that in order to provide requisite and timely services to the city dwellers, the municipality’s entire workforce must fulfill their responsibilities properly. No one will be spared in this regard.

Asked about the challenges he is facing, Taposh said “Simply put, there is adversity and crisis in every direction my hand moves. But I believe it is possible to overcome all difficulties, if I work with confidence, devotion and sincerity.”

The mayor is convinced of the need for administrative reform in the city corporation, that he describes as rife with irregularities, chaos, corruption for a long time, which needs to be cleaned up.

He did say that providing proper service to the city-dwellers is also a challenge.

To present Dhaka as clean, mosquito-free, traffic jam-free with footpaths free of hawkers and the city free from waterlogging, poses many challenges, added the mayor.

“I have started the overall work, the city dwellers will soon be able to enjoy the benefits, Insh’Allah,” said Taposh.

Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh, son of the slain Sheikh Moni and the prime minister’s cousin, gave up his parliamentary seat to run for mayor, defeating the BNP’s Tafsir Awal in the election on March 1.  He took over as new Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) on May 16.unb


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