A tragic death just days before birthday


Staff Reporter:

Abdul Rubel and Kakali Begum were taking all the preparation to hold a birthday party as their son is going to turn 13 on November 16 next.

But the parents of Iftekhar Ahmed Wazid, a 12-year-old boy and Class-VI student, knew little what lies ahead.

The boy was killed in Sunday’s tragic building collapse in Baburail of the city, just days before his birthday.

Now the ill-fated parents weep all the time as November 16 gets close.

On the day, he was learning how to read the Holy Quran at the residence of his maternal aunt Runa on the ground floor of the collapsed building. It was the practice what he used to perform regularly. But this time, he did not return home after performing the regular practice.

The whole building collapsed into the adjacent water body, leaving Wazid trapped inside. After 48 hours of the accident, firefighters recovered his body on Tuesday afternoon.

Abdullah Al Arefin, deputy director of Narayanganj Fire Service, said the boy was trapped under a wall when he was trying to leave the building during the collapse.

Relatives said two other minors had also been at the residence during the dreadful accident. Swapna, one of the minors, said she along with Wazid and another Shoaib were getting themselves out of the building after someone from outside asked them to do so.

Although both of them were trying to get out of the building fast, Wazid went back to the room to bring the Holy Quran that he was reading.

Right then, the entire building collapsed into the water body, leaving the three trapped inside it.

Swapna was rescued immediately while the body of Shoaib was recovered later at night.

But firefighters failed to find Wazid inside the building that night, keeping the hope of his parents alive.

She was heard to lament saying, “Where will I get my son? How can I lead my life without him? My son has been saying for the last few days that his birthday is getting close.”

Her 48 hours of wait to know her son’s fate ended on Tuesday afternoon when she heard that firefighters retrieved his body, although not in the state she would have prayed for.

She and her husband then withdrew into total silence.unb


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