3 books on nuclear energy unveiled at Ekushey Book Fair


Desk Report:

Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) and Russian state atomic energy Corporation Rosatom have jointly published three Bangla books on nuclear energy at the Ekushey Book Fair 2019.

The ‘Atomic Horizon’ and ‘Various Professions in the Nuclear Industry’ were translated from Russian, while a comic book – ‘Unexpected Adventure of Onu’ – was written and edited in Bangladesh.

Yeafesh Osman, the minister for science and technology, unveiled the books.

BAEC Chairman Mahbubul Hoq, Project Director of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Construction Project Dr Md Shawkat Akbar, and Rosatom representative Daria Savchenko, were present on the occasion.

Rosatom officials said the goal was to provide people, especially the young generation, with the primary knowledge about nuclear energy and clear misconceptions by highlighting positive aspects of nuclear technology.

Rosatom and BAEC also translated three popular science books on nuclear energy – ‘ABC of Nuclear Energy’, ‘Q&A on Nuclear Energy’ and ‘World of Nuclear Energy’ – and distributed them among students and general people.

A Rosatom press release said ‘Atomic Horizon’ describes the versatile use of nuclear energy in various sectors. The ‘Various Professions in the Nuclear Industry’ informs readers about various nuclear professions in the respective sectors, it said.

The ‘Unexpected Adventure of Onu’ is about the protest and struggle of a science-minded village girl against prejudice on nuclear energy, superstitions and bad social rituals, it added.

The colorful illustrated books are available at the BAEC stalls no- 74 and 75 on the Bangla Academy premises.

Rosatom is helping Bangladesh implement its first-ever nuclear power plant at Rooppur under an inter-governmental agreement. The plant will have two units, each with 1,200MW capacity, said the press release.unb


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